Jooki at European Broadcasters Union - IBC 2016

Jooki is the next step in the development of IoT music for all.

Portable music players have had a rapid development, starting with the Sony Walkman and the Philips CD through the Apple iPod and iTunes and developing towards IoT music with Sonos, Spotify to more recently the Pebble Core that has ubiquitous music streaming.

But the technology on the children side is dramatically lagging. Since the My First Sony product line, nothing has really happened on the kids player side, while the music industry has dramatically changed. Jooki is propelling the pre-smartphone generations in the 21st century for music.

About Jooki

About MuuseLabs

MuuseLabs, the Belgian startup behind Jooki, has been founded in October 2014 by three geek dads, formerly with Google, Huawei and Barco. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2016, MuuseLabs has been awarded Best in Family Tech at CES 2017. Funded by ST’ART invest, CoFoundry, Brustart, the company is also advised by Alan Munn – former SVP, Hasbro and former CEO, Tomy Europe & Michel Tombroff – former CEO of SoftKinetic.
With their mix of technology and design skills and their love for music and kids, the 3 co-founders of MuuseLabs aim to radically improve the music experience of kids in the 21st century.